Completed Projects


Workshop on Mexico's National Programme on Flood Prevention in Mexico City, Mexico


Workshop on Delta Flood Management in Bangladesh


Community-based Workshop for Nepal

Dniester Basin

Transboundary Project in Dniester Basin

Volta Basin

Workshop on IFM for West-African countries


Preparing for Extreme And Rare events in coastal regions

A series of pilot projects are under implementation together with GWP’s Regional Partnerships to test and demonstrate the applicability of the principles of Integrated Flood Management. Experiences and lessons learned will be used to prepare detailed plans for regional projects.


Development of National Strategies based on Integrated Flood Management for the Governments of Kenya and Zambia.

Community approaches to flood management implemented in Bangladesh, India, Lao PDR, Nepal and Thailand.

“Study of Historical Floods from an IFM viewpoint” across Central Eastern Europe with special emphasis on flash floods to identify the most appropriate tools for integration of flood warnings.

Global competition for youth-led projects on flood and droughts-‘preparing our home’

Application of Integrated Flood Management in the transboundary river basin of Cuareim Quaraí at the border of Brazil and Uruguay.