Integrated flood management Concept Paper

Integrated flood management (IFM) calls for a paradigm shift from the traditional, fragmented and localized approach, and encourages the use of the resources of a river basin as a whole, employing strategies to optimize the net benefits derived from the use of floodplains, while at the same time providing protective measures to minimize life losses due to flooding. Since IFM is essentially a dynamic notion, the perception presented in this third revised edition also includes a number of issues such as risk management, urban floods, climate variability and change, and adaptive management.

Available languages:

  • Integrated Flood Management English,
  • Gestion Intégrée des Crues et Inondations French,
  • Gestión Integrada de Crecidas e Inundaciones Spanish,
  • Интегрированное управление паводками Russian,
  • 統合洪水管理 Japanese,
  • 综合洪水管理 Chinese