Assistance for starting a Pilot Project

APFM provides assistance in the formulation and implementation of Pilot Projects at regional, country, and community scales.

Some of the Pilot Projects already going are:

Volta Flood and Drought Management (VFDM)

The VFDM project (implemented through a Grant Agreement with the Adaptation Fund under the name ‘Integrating Flood and Drought management and Early Warning for climate change adaptation in the Volta Basin’ has the ambition to provide the first large scale and transboundary implementation of Integrated Flood and Drought Management strategies through the complete chain of End-to-End Early Warning System for Flood Forecasting and Drought Prediction. The project aims to empower the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) and other competent authorities of the six riparian countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali and Togo) with robust and innovative solutions for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, including capacity development for nature-based solutions and gender-sensitive participatory approaches.

See the project here

Integrated Coastal Flood Management

Coastal flood management is considered in the context of flood caused by storm surges and involves early warning as well as land management and flood preparedness. This project was undertaken in the framework of the Coastal and Inundation Flood Demonstration Project (CIFDP), a joint initiative of the Joint Commission for Ocean Meteorology and the WMO Commission of Hydrology. The concept applied is based on the Tool on Coastal and Delta Flood Management.

Transboundary Flood Management

In the context of integrated river basin management in transboundary basins, the transboundary approach of flood management aims at harmonizing activities in river basins in order to balance both risks and benefits from flooding. APFM has been supporting entities such as the UNECE Water Convention and Zoï Environment Network in carrying out transboundary flood management in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Development of National Strategies based on Integrated Flood Management for the Governments of Kenya and Zambia.

Community approaches to flood management implemented in Bangladesh, India, Lao PDR, Nepal and Thailand.

“Study of Historical Floods from an IFM viewpoint” across Central Eastern Europe with special emphasis on flash floods to identify the most appropriate tools for integration of flood warnings.

North America
Global competition for youth-led projects on flood and droughts-‘preparing our home’

South and Central America
Application of Integrated Flood Management in the transboundary river basin of Cuareim Quaraí at the border of Brazil and Uruguay.

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