Capacity building for IFM

The Associated Programme on Flood Management has developed a comprehensive training curriculum on flood management. Over the past years, several training workshops were conducted in various countries. In this regards, APFM is supported not only by the World Meteorological Organization and the Global Water Partnership, but also through contributions from its Support Base Partners.

Trainings are organized on a demand-driven basis, and individually tailored to the requesting parties and governments.

Types of trainings and workshops

Scope, duration and topics vary but can generally be divided into the following:

  • Short vocational trainings or workshops (3-5 days) on the principles and aspects of Integrated Flood Management for policy makers, development planners, and water and disaster management professionals with a priority on the national and basin level.
  • Training of trainers workshops (1-5 days) for capacity building institutions targeting vocational training of relevant professionals.
  • National workshops analysing the current flood management situation and developing a strategic  national framework in accordance with the Integrated Flood Management concept

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Past Trainings and Workshops
Dec-16F2F Event 2016: Urban DRR and Urban Resilience Thun, SwitzerlandInfographic
Nov-16Programme for Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Floods in the Western Balkans and Turkey (IPA FLOODS) WorkshopAnkara, Turkey 
Nov-16Regional Training Course on Flood Safety for Nuclear Installations Vienna, Austria 
Apr-16Roundtable discussion with students and disaster-focused organizations at CERG-C/University of GenevaGeneva, Switzerland 
Nov-15Support to PRONACCH (Programa Nacional de Prevención contra Emergencias Hidráulicas)”Mexico City, Mexico 
Nov-15IFM Workshop at F2F 2015Thun, Switzerland 
Oct-15IFM training workshop at 26th ICID European Regional Conference
Montpellier, France 
Aug-15IFM course at the National University of AsunciónAsunción, Paraguay 
Jul-15IFM Training CourseLa Havana,
Apr-15Lecture at the CERG-C/University of GenevaGeneva, Switzerland 
Mar-15Flood Management Training Course at Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)Bern, Switzerland 
Oct-14Support to Workshop on “Strategies of Floodplain Economic Development in the Downstream of Yellow River”Zhengzhou City, China 
Oct-14Integrated Flood Management with Focus on Coastal Zones of BangladeshDhaka, Bangladesh 
May-14Training Workshop on Flood Loss Assessment in the Framework of Integrated Flood ManagementSarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 
May-13National Workshop in Integrated Flood ManagementMexico City, Mexico 
Apr-13Regional Training Workshop on Integrated Flood Management, Flood Forecasting and Early WarningsAntalya, Turkey 
Mar-13Training workshop on Flood Risk ManagementDakar, Senegal 
Nov-12Capacity Building Workshop on Integrated Flood ManagementSanta Fe, Argentina 
Apr-12Workshop on the Development of a National Strategy for Integrated Flood Management for Lao PDRVangvieng, Lao PDR 
Mar-12Workshop on the Development of a National Strategy for Integrated Flood Management for ThailandNakhon Pathom, Thailand 
Apr-11Training of Trainers on Integrated Flood Management for Sustainable DevelopmentHanoi, Vietnam 
Nov-10Training on Capacity Development in Disaster Management in ThailandTokyo, Japan 
Oct-10Training of Trainers on Integrated Approaches to Flash Floods and Flood Risk ManagementKathmandu, Nepal 
Jun-10Regional Training Course on Integrated Flood ManagementEthiopia 
Apr-10University Course on Integrated Flood ManagementSanta Fe, Argentina 
Mar-10Initial Workshop on regional Flash Flood Guidance SystemIstanbul, Turkey 
Dec-09JICA/JWA Training course on Integrated Water Resources ManagementTokyo, Japan 
Nov-09Training Workshop on Integrated Flood Management for the Nile Basin CountriesNairobi, Kenya 
Sep-09Introductory seminar on Integrated Flood ManagementTurin, Italy 
May-09Training Workshop on Integrated Flood Management for countries in Western Asia and Arab regionTehran, Iran 
Apr-09Workshop on Transboundary Flood Risk ManagementGeneva, Switzerland 
Feb-09Training of Trainers for  Integrated Flood ManagementJakarta, Indonesia 
Oct-08Regional Training of Trainers for Integrated Flood ManagementLima, Peru 
Oct-07Workshop on Community preparedness and public participation for Flash Flood Management in EuropeKrakow, PolandSynthesis
Feb-06National Workshop on Community Approaches to Flood ManagementDhaka, Bangladeshpdf
Feb-06National Workshop on Community Approaches to Flood ManagementLalitpur, Nepalpdf
Nov-05National Workshop on Community Approaches to Flood ManagementDelhi, Indiapdf
Presentation material
Integrated Flood Management Concept
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Power Point

Legal and Institutional Aspects of Integrated Flood Management

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Social Aspects and Stakeholder Involvement in Integrated Flood Management
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Environmental Aspects of Integrated Flood Management
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Economic Aspects of Integrated Flood Management

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Materials for teacher and kids

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