Community Based Flood Management in Malawi and Costa Rica

Project: Flash Flood Guidance System


Technical Support: WMO and Knowledge and Innovation

Under the framework of the Flash Flood Guidance System (FFGS) project workplan 2022-2023, it was proposed to improve in-country response to multi-risk information and warnings through increased coordination between NMHSs and DRM authorities, and other relevant authorities at the national and sub-national level and move towards translating and communicating hydromet impact-based warnings to vulnerable communities and enable early action measures. 

Under this proposal, Community-Based Flood Management (CBFM) approaches and gender mainstreaming activities were implemented in the Chikwawa district of Blantyre, Malawi and Turrialba region of Costa Rica, enhancing their self-help capabilities to the Hydro-Meteorological events including development of early warning dissemination channels, vulnerability and risk mapping, development of community-based flood management plan and improve end users’ response including gender mainstreaming.  

The project was implemented between April – August 2023 by Malawi and Costa Red Cross in their respective countries and with the technical support of Meteorological and Disaster Management Agencies. WMO Knowledge and Innovation (Associated Programme on Flood Management Support Base Partner) provided technical assistance as well as methodology and tools for implementing activities at the local level.  

Following the completion of the CBFM activities, closing workshops with the national and local stakeholders were organized to present the result of the CBFM project and discuss the sustainability and way forward. Also, it provided an opportunity to collect some case studies or success stories from the participants of the CBFM project which will be included in the CBFM Manual which is under development under the FFGS project. 

The CBFM Manual will be developed and shared with other FFGS countries having similar issues and needs on flood management.