Transboundary/Volta Basin Authority

Output 3.1.1: Summary report of the regional assessment of plans, policies, and guidelines related to the long-term management of floods and drought

Activity Regional  workshop report for developing bankable project proposals on nature-based solutions for flood and drought management English and French

Output 2.2.1 Volta risk profiles  English and French

Output Regional training workshop to develop the capacity of the operational team in charge of VoltAlarm at the national services and at VBA  French 

Activity : Regional technical workshop report on “Nature-based Solutions (NbS) as a mechanism for responding to floods and droughts” in the Volta Basin
Download in EnglishTélécharger in French

Activity Draft Report- General guidance to promote ecosystem services in the Volta Basin and capacity building of relevant stakeholders. Download in EnglishTélécharger in French

Activity Draft report-Feasibility study of the application of the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems Download in EnglishTélécharger in French

Activity Summary report for local vulnerability and risk mapping in the 60 sites of the Volta Basin

Consultation report VBA – English

Consultation report VBA – French