Monitoring and Evaluation

World Meteorological Organization as the Implementing Entity of the VFDM project has the overall responsibility of carrying out regular Monitoring and Evaluation of the activities implemented including Mid-term Evaluation and Project Termination Evaluation. This will be achieved with the other project executing partners (VBA and GWP-WA) and the National stakeholders of the six Volta Basin countries. 

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) will measure the overall progress and impact of the VFDM project activities through Key Performance Indicators (KPI). They will be monitored regularly to identify the achievements or insufficiencies, therefore supporting the development of additional strategies to achieve the targets. M&E tool will be made available for project activities, as well as programme management.  


The VFDM project will have the mid-term evaluation during early 2022 and final terminal evaluation at the end of the project.

Baseline and key performance indicator table - English

Baseline and key performance indicator table - French

Monitoring and Evaluation arrangements for the project activities

Project Result framework for Monitoring and Evaluation

ToR Monitoring evaluation manual VFDMP - English

Summary-Monitoring & Evaluation Manual- Final - English version

TdR Manuel de suivi évaluation VFDMP_French

Synthèse_Manuel de suivi et évaluation - Version française