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Under the implementation of the VFDM project, distance learning courses were provided to the professionals working in the field of Hydrology, Meteorology, disaster management or civil protection, regional basin organizations etc.

The list of distance learning courses and learning materials are provided in the below Table:


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Flood Analysis, Modeling, and Forecasting for Stakeholders of the Volta River Basin / Analyse, modélisation et prévision des crues pour les parties prenantes du bassin de la Volta

20 September 2021 -18 November 2021

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Geospatial Information Technology application for Flood and Drought Risk Management in the Volta Basin/
Applications des technologies de l’information géospatiale à la
gestion des risques d’inondation et de sécheresse dans le bassin de
la Volta

15 November 2021 – 21 January 2022


Drought Management for Monitoring and Early Warning/ Gestion de la sécheresse pour la surveillance et l’alerte précoce

English and French

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