Workshop on the Mexican projects PRONACCH and PRONACOSE

STANDAfter two and a half years since the launch of the National Flood Management Programme (PRONACCH) and of the National Programme against Drought (PRONACOSE), the National Water Commission of Mexico (CONAGUA)  is performing a mid-term assessment review of the two initiatives. In the framework of the WMO-CONAGUA collaboration under the Project to Strengthen Integrated Water Resources Management in Mexico (PREMIA), APFM and IDMP have constantly been providing support to both programmes since 2013. In light of the established cooperation, CONAGUA invited APFM and IDMP to assist in the mid-term review exercise throught the provision of expertise in the fields of vulnerability assessment and risk mapping. For this purpose, APFM and IDMP are participating to the workshop “Taller de reflexión sobre avances y perspectivas en torno a la implementación del PRONACOSE y el PRONACCH”, taking place from 18 to 20 November 2015 in Mexico City, Mexico. Additionally, they have facilitated the presence of Support Base Partners such as CERFE (represented by Dr Gabriele Quinti), CIMA and UNOSAT (both in the person of Prof. Giorgio Boni) to deliver ad-hoc presentations of tools and methodologies potentially applicable in the implementation of PRONACCH and PRONACOSE. Furthermore, the attendance of Dr Ida Pedroso from the Risk Assessment Group of the Cuban Environmental Agency ensured an interesting exchange of experiences between Cuba and Mexico.