What are the benefits of stakeholder participation?

The benefits of stakeholder participation in IFM are to:

  • Provide all stakeholders with full opportunities to share their views, needs and knowledge on flood management
  • Build consensus through bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders to share needs, information, ideas and knowledge and harmonize the objectives of individual groups to reach common societal goals
  • Provide all stakeholders and the public with appropriate information so that they can understand the process, the issues and values
  • Enable participants to influence the outcome by including them in the process of flood risk assessment as well as in the processes of shaping, developing, identifying and implementing flood management strategies
  • Enhance understanding between stakeholder groups, thus reducing potential conflicts and promoting effective cooperation
  • Build stakeholders commitment and a feeling of ownership to enhance the effectiveness of flood management strategies and individual flood management measures
  • Ensure implementation of basin flood management plans with full public support
  • Increase sustainability of plans and associated decisions
  • Build resilience of flood-prone communities
  • Bring autonomy and flexibility in decision-making and implementation

For more information, please refer to “Organizing Community Participation for Flood Management