Trainings on flash flood forecasting – Israel, Jordan, Palestine – From 30/09/21 to 10/10/21

The HIP FEWS project (ECHO funded) launched its first Capacity-Building Event on Sept 30th, which will last until Oct 10th. This is a very first initiative for the region with a fantastic example of cooperation between meteorologists and hydrologists from Jordan, Israel and Palestine.

During 7 days, Experts from Israel and the World Meteorological Organisation are providing tools with concrete case studies to meteorological and hydrological services in flood analysis and forecasting in their region. Not only providing technical knowledge to increase national capacities, this online training is a great opportunity to strengthen regional cooperation and making use of experience-sharing between peer institutions. This is a first step towards further advanced trainings and regional exchanges that could benefit to the national counterparts. In particular, it will be followed by a second training event focusing on alert issuing & dissemination towards hydro, meteo and disaster management authorities, which is expected to be organized in early 2022 at the Tel Aviv WMO Regional Training Center.

The project, which falls within the Jordan, Israel and Palestine Professional Dialogue initiated by OCHA, also promotes cooperation around data-sharing (rainfall & water-level, radar, early warnings, etc.) between partner institutions and supports Jordan and Palestine with the procurement of meteorological and hydrological stations that will be installed in several pilot wadis of the Dead Sea area. These efforts will help those countries to monitor cooperatively the risks of flash-floods in their region and issue effective early warnings to reduce overall disaster risks.

Pictures of training sessions organized with technical staff from Israel, Palestine and Jordan meteorological & hydrological services :