This is a comprehensive list of workshops and training courses (face-to-face and online) contributed by our Support Base Partners (SBPs) to the IFM HelpDesk. You can narrow down the results by using the SBP dropdown box as a filter and by typing keywords in the search field.

PublicationADPCYouth volunteers leading disaster response in Myanmar
PublicationADPCPractitioners Perspective on Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Building in Asia
PublicationADPCResilient investment decisions in Lao PDR
PublicationADPCCommunity-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Manual in Lao PDR (English)
PublicationADPCCommunity-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Manual in Lao PDR (Lao)
PublicationADPCDisaster Risk Reduction – Information Kit for Media
PublicationADPCImproving flood forecasting in Myanmar
PublicationADPCStrengthening weather and climate services for improved preparedness for hydro-meteorological hazards
PublicationADPCSafer Coastal Zone Development Guidelines for Vietnam
PublicationADPCBringing Collaborative Governance in Community Early Warning System for Flood Risk Reduction
PublicationADPCBuilding Flood Preparedness in Community: Implementing Early Warning Systems in Ayutthaya
PublicationADPCGuidance on: Critical Facilities, Housing, Livelihood, Land Use Planning
PublicationADPCHandbook for Disaster Recovery Practitioners
PublicationADPCTraining Manual: Learning Workshop on Recovery and Reconstruction
PublicationAlterraMeasurement and interpolation uncertainties in rainfall maps from cellular communication networks
PublicationAlterraHydrometeorological multi-model ensemble simulations of the 4 November 2011 flash flood event in Genoa, Italy, in the framework of the DRIHM Project
PublicationAlterraPrecipitation, soil mosture and runoff variabilty in a small river catchment (ArdŠche, France) during HyMeX Special Observation Period 1
PublicationAlterraUnderstanding lowland (flash) floods: analysis of the 2010 flash flood in the Hupsel Brook catchment and comparison with other recent lowland floods
PublicationAlterraSimulating a lowland flash flood in a long-term experimental watershed with 7 standard hydrological models
PublicationAlterraDelta Alliance Toolbox
PublicationAlterraWater and Climate Change Adaptation in Transboundary Basins: Lessons Learned and Good Practices
PublicationCIMAAssimilation of H-SAF Soil Moisture Products for Flash Flood Early Warning Systems. Case Study: Mediterranean Catchments
PublicationCIMAHigh-Resolution Simulations of the 2010 Pakistan Flood Event: Sensitivity to Parameterizations and Initialization Time
PublicationCIMAUsing OpenMI and a Model MAP to Integrate WaterML2 and NetCDF Data Sources into Flood Modeling of Genoa, Italy
PublicationCIMAWhat if the 25 October 2011 event that struck Cinque Terre (Liguria) had happened in Genoa, Italy? Flooding scenarios, hazard mapping and damage estimation, Nat. Hazards Earth Syst.
PublicationCIMAUse of SAR Data for Detecting Floodwater in Urban and Agricultural Areas: The Role of the Interferometric Coherence
PublicationCIMAA simple model to map areas prone to surface water flooding
PublicationCIMAExperiences of dealing with flash floods using an ensemble hydrological nowcasting chain: Implications of communication, accessibility, and distribution of the results
PublicationCIMAMultisite flooding hazard assessment in the Upper Mississippi River
PublicationCIMAInformation Extraction From Remote Sensing Images for Flood Monitoring and Damage Evaluation ? Proceedings of the IEEE
PublicationCIMAQuantitative flood forecasting on small and medium size basins: a probabilistic approach for operational purposes
PublicationCIMAA Reflection About the Social and Technological Aspects in Flood Risk Management. The Case of the Italian Civil Protection
PublicationCIMAExtreme rainfall events: learning from rain gauge time series
PublicationCIMAFlood probability analysis for un-gauged watersheds by means of a simple distributed hydrologic model, Advances in Water Resources
PublicationCIMAPropagation of Uncertainty From Rainfall to Runoff: A Case Study with a Stochastic Rainfall Generator
PublicationCIMAA Hydro-Meteorological Approach for Probabilistic Flood Forecast
PublicationCIMAHistorical collection of disaster loss data in Albania
PublicationCIMADRIHMS – The White Paper
PublicationCIMAGuidance for recording and sharing disaster damage and loss data ? Towards the development of operational indicators to translate the Sendai Framework into action
PublicationDHITHE ACADEMY by DHI: Topics covered include climate change, marine water, surface and ground water and urban water
PublicationICHARMICHARM research reports, books, peer-reviewed and conference papers, articles
PublicationIHE DelftIWRM as a Tool for Adaptation to Climate Change: Training Manual and Facilitator?s Guide
PublicationPROHIMETBases SPH 2015.- Bases conceptuales y organizativas para los- sistemas de predicci¢n hidrol¢gica (Conceptual and organizational bases for hydrological forecasting systems)
PublicationPROHIMETBases SPH P 2016.- “BASES SPH P 2016. Bases de programaci¢n para los sistemas de predicci¢n hidrol¢gica (Programing basis for hydrological forecasting systems)
PublicationRwBAmur-Heilong River Basin Reader
PublicationRwB Environmental Risks to Sino-Russian Transboundary Cooperation: from ?Brown? Plans to a ?Green? Strategy
PublicationRwBAdaptation to climate change in the river basins of Dauria: ecology and water management.
PublicationRwBProgress report of global network of basins working on climate change adaptation
PublicationRwBWe and Amur floods: lesson (un)learned (Summary)
PublicationRwBWe and Amur floods: lesson (un)learned
PublicationUNECEGuidance on Water Supply and Sanitation in Extreme Weather Events
PublicationUNECEPolicy Guidance Note on the Benefits of Transboundary Water Cooperation: Identification, Assessment and Communication
PublicationUNECEWater and Climate Change Adaptation in Transboundary Basins: Lessons Learned and Good Practices
PublicationUNECETransboundary Flood Risk Management: Experiences from the UNECE Region
PublicationUNECEGuidance on Water and Adaptation to Climate Change
PublicationUNECEReconciling resource uses in transboundary basins: assessment of the water-food-energy-ecosystems nexus
PublicationUNECESecond Assessment of Transboundary Rivers, Lakes and Groundwaters
PublicationUNU-FLORESEnvironmental resource management and the Nexus Approach: managing water, soil, and waste in the context of global change
PublicationUNU-FLORESGoverning the nexus: water, soil and waste resources under conditions of global change
PublicationUNU-FLORESSafe use of wastewater in agriculture: good practice examples
PublicationWWFFlood risk management: A Strategic Approach
PublicationWWFLiving with Floods: Achieving Ecologically Sustainable Flood Management in Europe
PublicationWWFNatural Security: Protected Places and Hazard Mitigation
PublicationWWFRestoring the Kafue Flats: A Partnership Approach to Environmental Flows in Zambia
PublicationWWFRiver Basin Planning: Principles, Procedures and Approaches for Strategic Basin Planning
PublicationWWFSlowing the Flow: A Natural Solution to Flooding Problems
PublicationWWFFlood Planner: A Manual for the Natural Management of River Floods
PublicationWWFDealing with the Deluge: Urban Water Management in a Changing Climate
PublicationZo‹Report: promoting information concerning flood risks in the Dniester river basin
PublicationZo‹Strategic Framework for Adaptation to Climate Change in the Dniester River Basin
PublicationZo‹Mapping Drones in Humanitarian Contexts
PublicationZo‹Mapping floods in the Dniester basin
PublicationZo‹Mapping floods in the Yaselda river basin
PublicationZo‹Dniester flood leaflets
PublicationZo‹Strengthening cooperation in adaptation to climate change in transboundary basins of the Chu and Talas rivers
PublicationZo‹Mapping Water
PublicationZo‹Dniester without borders
PublicationZo‹Report: Reducing vulnerability to extreme floods and climate change in the Dniester river basin
PublicationZo‹Maps of flood risks in the Styr-Prostyr river basin