This is a comprehensive list of software, platforms or publications contributed by our Support Base Partners (SBPs) to the IFM HelpDesk. You can narrow down the results by using the SBP dropdown box as a filter and by typing keywords in the search field.

ToolAlterraClimate Atlas
ToolCEHHYRAD – Hydrological Radar System for storm and flood monitoring
ToolCEHRiver Flow Forecasting System (RFFS)
ToolCERFESocietal issues related to vulnerability (from the analysis and measurement to citizens’ engagement) (forthcoming)
ToolCERFECitizens’ empowerment in disaster management (flood first) based in concrete experiences in Europe and worldwide (forthcoming)
ToolCIMAFlood-PROOFS (Flood-PRObabilistic Operational Forecasting System)
ToolCIMADRIHM (Distributed Research Infrastructure for Hydro-Meteorology)
ToolDHIMIKE Powered by DHI
ToolFICHSoftware de an lisis de frecuencia (AFMULTI )
ToolFICHSoftware para simulaci¢n hidrol¢gica e hidrodin mica
ToolFICHSoftware para simulaci¢n de transporte de contaminante en r¡os
ToolFICHAplicaci¢n a la Cuenca del Plata del modelo Weather research and forecasting model (WRF)
ToolFICHModelo de ?nowcasting? con im genes de radar (prototipo)
ToolFICHModelo de balance de transporte de sedimento en r¡os
ToolFICHSoftware para relevamientos hidrogr ficos con ?ploteo? a tiempo real sobre carta digital (IFANAV)
ToolICHARMAsia-Pacific Water Forum KnowledgeHubs: Disaster Risk Reduction and Flood Management
ToolICHARMIntegrated Flood Analysis System (IFAS) – Flood Forecasting System Using Global data
ToolICHARMRainfal-Runoff-Inundation (RRI) Model Program – Runoff Inundation Simulation for Hazard Risk Mapping and Analysis
ToolICHARMFlood Disaster Preparedness Indices (FDPI)
ToolIHE DelftUNESCO-IHE Open Courseware
ToolIHP-HWRP and BFGFloodlabel
ToolUNECEWeb-based platform for sharing of experience between pilot basins and basins in the “Global network of basins working on climate change”
ToolUNU-FLORESNexus Tools Platform
ToolUNU-FLORESQGIS plugin for ESA Sentinel data on evapotranspiration
ToolWWFNatural and Nature-Based Flood Management: A Green Guide (Flood Green Guide)