Flood Forecasting and Early Warning

Flood Management Tool Series, Technical Document No. 19 ¦ 2013

Flood forecasting and early warning is carried out to reduce risks in flood prone areas. This tool is tailored for use when decision‐makers need to establish an effective overview of the flood situation, provide timely and accurate early warnings and flood forecasting services to a variety of users. Many countries have already integrated flood forecasting and early warning measures into their local and national emergency planning systems. This tool provides a concise overview of concepts and approaches in flood forecasting and early warning that help flood managers and practitioners to develop and operate flood forecasting and early warming systems in flood prone areas. The tool has been developed by TSU based on the existing WMO Manual on Flood Forecasting and Warning (WMO No. 1072) and other publications both from WMO and other external Institutions/Agencies.

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