F2F Event 2016: Urban DRR and Urban Resilience

APFM participated in the F2F Event 2016: Urban DRR and Urban Resilience organized by the Swiss NGO DRR Platform in Thun, Switzerland from 6 to 8 December 2016. The objective for APFM was to network with NGOs working in the field on disaster risk reduction and flood management issues, as well as to understand the needs of NGOs on flood management issues and find out how to better collaborate. APFM moderated a 40-minute session with the participation of about 10 participants on the topic of integrated flood management (IFM) in urban areas. An infographic based on the IFM Tool: Urban Flood Management in a Changing Climate was presented during the session to convey the main challenges related to flood risk management and possible actions in urban areas, the concept of IFM, as well as the role and activities of APFM.