Reducing Vulnerability to Flash Floods in Central and Eastern Europe

In collaboration with the GWP Central and Eastern Europe (GWP CEE), the pilot project in Central and Eastern Europe focused on impacts of and responses to various flood events with a focus on flash floods. Twelve events from seven countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, and Slovenia) were studied and compiled in the Summary Report.
By analysing floodings occurred in their territories, the European countries participating to the project contributed to a better understanding of the nature of the events as well as of the available coping mechanisms. In this regard, flood event studies are available for each partner: BulgariaCzech RepublicLithuaniaPolandRomaniaSlovak Republic, and Slovenia.

The second phase of this pilot project addressed the gaps identified in the earlier phase and aimed to increase community resilience, in particular to the effects of flash floods. Special attention was paid to specific aspects of flash floods, including early warning systems and their effectiveness. The project involved local communities in three selected pilot areas in Poland, Romania, and Slovak Republic.

Guidance on Flash Flood ManagementGuidance on Flash Flood Mgmt Eastern Europe

The Guidance on Flash Floods Management conceptualizes the multi-level approach developed in the pilot project, based on the principle that flash floods must be addressed both at the national and on the lower administrative scales of districts and communities. As such, the report may serve as a tool for stakeholders at all levels (from local communities, mayors, emergency services at various administrative scales, to National Hydrological and Meteorological Services at a higher scale) to significantly reduce the vulnerability of communities affected by flash flood and associated life and property losses.

In Time for the Flood, a Methodological Guide to Local Flood Warning Systems

InTimeForTheFloodIn Time for the Flood, A Methodological Guide to Local Flood Warning Systems is a guide to support local governments in the building or enhancement of warning systems in flood prone areas. Aware of the essential role of decision-makers at the district and community level to ensure the effectiveness of warning systems, the Polish Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, one of the partners to the pilot project, drafted this publication targeting lower administrative scales. The idea was to offer them a handbook tailored on actual issues experienced in the management of floods in Poland rather than an ordinary manual applicable to all times, with the purpose of inspiring them to develop solutions adapted to the needs and capabilities of their own communities.


Three components were implemented under the project “Forward Integration of Flood Warning in Areas prone to Flash Floods”, as documented below.

Poland, Klodzko Valley

Implementation of a flash flood warning system for inhabitants and users of flood plain areas in the Klodzko Valley, Poland
Submitted by the Global Water Partnership-Poland

Download the full report.

Romania, Upper Teleajen Basin (Cheia)

Integration of flood warnings in areas prone to flash floods
Submitted by the Global Water Partnership-Romania

Project website (Romanian)
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Slovakia, Senica District, Vrbovce

Integration of flood warnings in areas prone to flash floods
Submitted by the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMI)

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