Environmental Aspects of Integrated Flood Management

Flood Management Policy Series (2006), APFM Technical Document No. 3, WMO No. 1009

This document contains information relevant to flood management in the following topics:

          • Setting the Scene: Environment and Sustainable Development
          • Understanding the Basic Concepts of the Morphology and Ecology or Rivers and their Flood Plans
          • Flood Processes and Ecosystem Services: Interrelationships
          • Flood Management Interventions and Ecosystems
          • Factoring Environmental Considerations in Decision-making Processes

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Case studies on Environmental Aspects of Integrated Flood Management

This document contains case studies from:

          • Trinity River Restoration Program, USA
          • Channel-widening and open check dam in the Upper Drau River, Austria
          • Integrated sediment management in the Mimikawa River, Japan
          • Creating a secondary channel in the Waal River under the Room for River concept, Netherlands

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