Capacity building in Paraguay: lecture and speech at CPRH

CPRH_lectureThe month of August has marked the APFM’s landing in Paraguay.
Anticipating the IV Paraguayan Congress on Water Resources (CPRH), a series of short courses on water use was held at the Universidad Nacional de Asunción (UNA) targeting university students of different faculties, from polytechnic to agrarian engineering, to veterinary medicine, to dentistry. In this context, a lecture on the concept and principles of Integrated Flood Management was given on the 4 August with the support of local professors. Participants showed interest in the topic and actively intervened in the discussion with bright questions and examples.
The lesson was followed the day after by a presentation on IFM at the IV Paraguayan Congress on Water Resources “Gobernabilidad del Agua y Desarrollo Sostenible”, 3-7 August, Asunción, Paraguay. In the framework of the Technical Session 1, the Integrated Flood Management approach was introduced to an audience including students, researchers, water professionals and local authorities.
Considering the good attendance at the events and the prevalence of youths in the public, the two-day mission to Asunción may represent a good starting point for a long-term path of reception, spread, and implementation of IFM in the country.