APFM participation to ANYWHERE Workshop

The Technical Support Unit of the Associated Programme on Flood Management(APFM) has been invited to attend the 4th and Final Workshop of the EnhANcing emergencY management and response to extreme WeatHER and climate Events (ANYWHERE) in Brussels on 29 and 30 of October 2019 (at the SQUARE congress center), including a Hands-on demonstration day  as well as live exhibits of tools, platforms and services where participants will be able to better understand the project developments and test the operational platforms.

The H2020 innovation Action ANYWHERE project has developed a number of tools, platforms and services to support climatic and weather emergency management in real time. A number of AI algorithms is able to translate meteorological forecasts into IMPACT FORECASTS  integrated into a 24/7 Pan-European Multi-Hazard Early Warning System and an advanced ANYWHERE for Europe (A4EU) platform which has been operationally demonstrated in 7 emergency management centers in Europe.

The APFM (a joint initiative of the World Meteorological Organization and the Global Water Partnership) is a Member of the Stakeholders Board of the ANYWHERE project, already attended the first three workshop of the project between 2016 and 2018. The APFM TSU participation to the progress workshops provided opportunity to review the products and tools developed and delivered through the project as well as build contacts with professionals of various organizations working in the area of civil protection, hydrological and meteorological services.

ANYWHERE  Hands-on demonstration and Final Workshop

ANYWHERE project is organizing a Hands-on demonstration and Final Workshop in Brussels (Belgium) on 29th-30th October 2019. 

The Hands-on demonstration (29th October 2019) will show the developments achieved by ANYWHERE allowing participants to use the operational platform running in real-time in the 7 project pilot sites, and on selected pre-recorded case-studies (relevant emergency events). It will represent a great opportunity to offer interested potential users a dedicated insight on the ANYWHERE tools and impact forecasting products / services through the possibility to explore by themselves the operational versions running in real-time (participants joining the activity shall bring their own laptops).

The main purpose of the ANYWHERE Final Workshop is to showcase the project advancements and operational tools and products as well as to discuss them with the external institutions including the Stakeholders and the Commercial Associates of the project, as well as other first responderspolicy makers and professionals of the disaster risk management sector. Round tables to promote discussion among participants plus parallel live exhibits displaying the ANYWHERE developments on large screens will allow participants knowing more about the change of paradigm in emergency response introduced by ANYWHERE.

Participants are invited to present POSTERS showing their own work in the same area of the exhibits. 

The details and agenda of the final ANYWHERE workshop can be found on the following link:


In case you plan to attend, please register yourself at: