APFM-IDMP-WYN Global Integrated Flood and Drought Management Competition for #Youth-led Projects

Today on the occasion of the World Water Day 2022, 9 young professionals finalists presented to the jury their live pitch.

In November 2021 the IDMP and APFM, joint programmes of GWP and WMO in partnership with WYN, launched a youth-led competition: “Global Integrated Flood and Drought Management Competition for #Youth-led Projects”.
The competition had 3 stages:
The first stage consisted in the submission of a video presentation or concept note. 10 finalists were then shortlisted for the second stage.

These finalists received a capacity-building workshop during February 2022 on developing a proposal and on how to pitch. Mid-March finalists submitted their proposals and pitch their idea today in front of a jury panel composed of representatives from WMO, GWP and WYN!

The jury is now deliberating…! Stay tuned for the winner announcement!