6th Annual APFM SBPs forum

The Associated Programme on Flood Management has successfully organized its annual hybrid meeting on 18th August 2023 at GWP office, Stockholm, Sweden. The APFM Support Base Partners (SBPs) forum was attended by more than 12 Support Base Partners, GWP and WMO representatives.

The overall goal of the Annual SBPs forum was to discuss and review the work carried out in the last reporting period and also agree on the way forward. The APFM Technical Support Unit (TSU) will continue to support the WMO Member countries especially in the development or strengthening of end-to-end early warning system for floods aligning with UN Early Warning for All (EW4ALL). Also, for the next period, APFM Technical Support Unit will work on developing APFM Work Strategy for the next three years including implementation plan for the expansion of Integrated Flood Management (IFM) and Integrated Drought Management (IDM) Helpdesks to inform or support Integrated Water Resources Management approaches or strategies.

Following the Annual APFM SBPs forum, a joint meeting with the SBPs of APFM and Integrated Drought Management Programme (IDMP) were organized to discuss integrated activities for management of floods and drought including support and commitment to the UN EWS4ALL initiative.

The Annual APFM meeting 2022-2023 and APFM SBPs forum report will be finalized and shared with the stakeholders in the coming weeks.