Who should be engaged in participatory decision making?

Stakeholders categorized into seven groups below should be engaged in decision making process.

  • Government ministries, departments and agencies;
  • Flood-prone communities;
  • Other basin communities;
  • Scientific institutions;
  • Registered NGOs;
  • Voluntary organizations;
  • The private sector.

In designing the participatory process, the level of involvement of each stakeholder, depending on the given institutional framework, differs and should be defined. Different levels would require the involvement of different stakeholders. Experience shows that involving all stakeholders to participate fully in all decision-making stages is neither realistic nor useful in a given situation. Each stakeholder category in the above list has a specific role to play and can be said to have an orbit of influence with respect to a particular activity.

For more information, please refer to “Organizing Community Participation for Flood Management“, Section 3.2.