What can be the causes of conflicts within a river basin?

Factors that can contribute to conflicts within a river basin are:

  • Population pressures leading to urbanization, thereby contributing to increased flood hazards downstream;
  • Transfer of risks downstream owing to a reduction in natural storage upstream;
  • Unplanned development infrastructures, such as roads and bridges obstructing natural drainage and increasing flood risks upstream;
  • Alteration of natural flow regimes owing to structural measures and their impacts on ecosystems downstream;
  • Land-use changes upstream contributing to flood hazards downstream;
  • Lack of sharing of data and information;
  • Developments such as land reclamation from water channels resulting in floods of higher intensity and frequency in another part of the basin;
  • The poor, particularly the urban poor, having to face higher risks;
  • Uneven access to resources, that is information and data, financial, human and material resources resulting in varying degrees of protection.
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