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Reducing vulnerability to extreme floods and climate change in the Dniester river basin

Mapping Water

Zoï Environment Network is a specialized international non-profit organization, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Zoï’s mission is to reveal, explain and communicate connections between the environment and society, with a geographic focus on Europe’s margins and its neighbours.

Particular emphasis is put on environmental assessments as well as visual communication and provision of information for decision-making in order to support governmental, corporate and individual responses to environmental challenges.

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Cooperation with APFM

The areas of cooperation are:

  • Climate change risks and impacts on water resources
  • Climate change adaptation measures
  • Integrated water resource and flood management
  • Flood forecasting, modeling, visualization and communication
  • Capacity-building and public awareness in the above areas

Zoï and APFM recently prepared a pilot project in transboundary flood management.