The Iberoamerican network for the monitoring and forecasting of hydrometeorological phenomena (PROHIMET) is a thematic network for the Ibero American region. It brings together specialists in various disciplines with a particular interest in the problems of floods and droughts, as well as addressing climate change issues.

PROHIMET is a linkage and a cooperation framework with the following objectives:

  • To enlarge the cooperation between the scientific communities of hydrologist and meteorologists, and to stimulate their interaction with other institutions which have relation with both, as it is the case of the civil protection services.
  • To establish a multinational cooperation, in the ibero-american region, for the use of new techniques of hydrometeorological forecasting.
  • To encourage staff training and capacity building in the use of modern tools for hydrometeorological monitoring, forecast and dissemination, as well as all matters dealing with the concepts of risk, hazard and vulnerability.
  • To analyze and to evaluate the state of development and the lacks and needs of the ibero-american countries in regards to the forecast and warning systems and hydrometeorological phenomena related measures.
  • To promote the development of pilot projects as demonstration cases.

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Cooperation with APFM

The areas of cooperation are:

  • End-to-end (E2E) flood forecasting systems
  • Hydrometeorological monitoring, forecast and dissemination
  • Cooperation between hydrologist and meteorologists
  • Early warning systems
  • Capacity building, public awareness and education in flood, drought and climate issues