The EuroAquae consortium develops joint education activities at master level mainly through the Erasmus Mundus and the Erasmus frameworks promoted by the European Commission. It also develops joint researches with several industrial partners and develops original actions in various regions of the world. The main objective is to develop and promote innovative approaches in HydroInformatics and water management.

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Cooperation with APFM

The areas of cooperation are:

  • Development of training/education modules focused on IFM and based on the regular activities of the EuroAquae master course
  • Organization of joint training seminar or workshops on IFM concepts and practical implementation
  • Development of pedagogic information materials and resources for the promotion of IFM concepts to various publics
  • Advice and high-level advocacy for flood management policy and strategy formulation in the various environments of the EuroAquae Consortium
  • Technical advices on methodology, tools, means and training to develop and implement in the targeted river basins by request received from Helpdesk
  • Facilitation of workshops and training in support of IFM
  • Development and provision of flood management tools and e-learning options for capacity-building
  • Formulation of high-level objectives/scoping for flood management proposals with countries and river basins requesting HelpDesk services