How can community-based organizations (CBOs) play a role in flood management?

A community-based organization is best positioned to effectively carry out activities and plans affecting the lives of the communities: socio-economic development, natural resources management, environmental conservation or disaster management. CBOs are made up of community representatives and one of their aims is to ensure that decision makers take notice of community concerns. Their main tasks are to:

  • Provide a platform for the community to come together and discuss development issues;
  • Analyse the causes of problems and solutions;
  • Communicate with decision makers to share planned action and obtain their endorsement;
  • Galvanize community members to implement planned solutions;
  • Mobilize internal or locally available resources and external resources (outside the community) to implement identified solutions;
  • Raise community awareness and promote community action on environmental and disaster issues and livelihood options;
  • Build capacity of community members;
  • Carry out monitoring and evaluation.