Flood Management in a Changing Climate

Flood Management Tool Series, Technical Document No. 9 ¦ 2009

This tool is an initiator and starting point on how flood management can be an autonomous part of an adaptation strategy to climate change. Flood managers have vast experience in managing floods under current climate variability. Floods are among the most widely cited expected impacts of global warming, either with an increased frequency or with increased magnitude in particular regions. As such climate change poses an additional challenge that needs a conscious strategic reorientation of flood management practices towards applying risk management techniques and involving a far broader set of stakeholders into decision making. This will be instrumental in identifying and addressing the additional and the residual risks posed by climate change.   The Tool describes how climate variability and climate change effects on the hydro-meteorological parameters that determine the magnitude and frequency of flooding.  The Tool also provides an outlook of how respective municipal authorities, national flood planners, emergency response authorities and the public at large can take advantage by putting Integrated Flood Management into practice as part of the adaptation strategies.

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