Coastal and Delta Flood Management

Flood Management Tool Series, Technical Document No. 17 ¦ 2013

Coastal flood hazards are diverse (storm surges, tsunamis, tropical storms, seiches etc.) and are highly unpredictable. A profound understanding of these hazards, their mechanisms and potential impacts is therefore indispensable in order to derive an appropriate risk management response. Such response should be selected from the widest range of measures and policies possible, taking due account of the inherent uncertainties both with respect to the probability of hazard and evolving socioeconomic developments. This Tool provides practical guidance to flood management practitioners and other stakeholders to formulate an appropriate (i.e. sustainable, minimum total cost and socially acceptable) coastal flood risk management policy. Although coasts also experience types of ‘inland’ flooding, e.g. from rivers and local rainfall, this paper focuses on the hazards coming from the sea.

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