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Master’s programme with the IHE Delft

The letter from the Rectorate of IHE Delft(one of the APFM SBPs) announcing the development of a one year and two year Master’s programme, to replace the current 18 month programme at the IHE Delft. More information on the Msc programme can be found at the below link: https://www.un-ihe.org/msc-programmes

IFM Helpdesk requests assisted

The Associated Programme on Flood Management (APFM) HelpDesk for Integrated Flood Management (IFM) is a facility that provides guidance on flood management policy, strategy, and institutional development for countries willing to adopt the IFM concept. With the Technical Assistance of WMO and GWP and in close cooperation with its 30 plus Support Base Partners, HelpDesk […]