The constitutional and management bodies of the APFM consists of the Advisory Committee and the Management Committee. Both committees meet once a year.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee serves as a think tank to the programme and guides its activities. It is composed of representatives of the Global Water Partnership, representatives of National Hydrological Services affiliated to WMO, donors and sponsors, as well as specialized experts from the APFM Support Base. The Advisory Committee performs the following tasks:

  • Analysis of the concept of Integrated Flood Management and – if needed – revision in view of upcoming challenges
  • Recommendations on field implementation of the IFM concept
  • Validation of multidisciplinary input
  • Recommendations on and support of advocacy and dissemination processes
  • Acting as an external reviewer of the programme’s actions
Management Committee

The Management Committee reviews the progress of work and monitors the implementation of the programme. It consists of the Global Water Partnership and the programme’s donors and contributors, with the following terms of reference:

  • Guide the Technical Support Unit (TSU) in preparation of the Action Plan,
  • Overview the progress of the programme,
  • Monitor the progress of implementation of the Field Demonstration Projects,
  • Decision on the Budget and the Action plan.