Project Update: WMO MCH Database training in Ghana

Under the Framework of the Volta Flood and Drought Management (VFDM) project, WMO in joint collaboration of the Ghana Meteorological Agency is presently conducting a five day national training workshop on WMO Meteorology Hydrology and Climatology (MCH) database management system. The MCH training workshop will provide necessary theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to both Hydrological, meteorological and climatological data providers and users.

The workshop is attended by more than 15 participants mainly from the national agencies of Ghana involved in collecting, storing and utilizing the main driving hydro-meteorological parameters for floods and drought events (e.g. precipitation, water levels, temperature, humidity, soil moisture, etc.).

Once MCH database management system is established and operational, the processed data and information from the MCH database will be visualized under the MyDewetra VOLTALARM Early Warning System (EWS) for the National Agencies involved in flood and drought monitoring, forecasting, and warning services.

Similarly, a regional workshop is planned during June 2023 for the other Volta Basin countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali and Togo)

Have a look at the concept note of the national workshop.

MCH National training workshop Ghana-CN-English