Flood Loss Assessments: Case Studies

Flood Management Tool Series, Technical Document No. 27 ¦ 2017

A wide range of tools and mechanisms have been developed to reduce and manage the risks of flooding and to provide an interdisciplinary approach to analysing flood management strategies and measures. These tools and mechanisms could focus on the development of thorough flood damage assessment methodologies in order to provide a point of comparison for different future scenarios with socio-economic and climate change drivers. The assessment of such scenarios would provide an improvement to current flood management practices. To facilitate this process, this IFM Tool collects existing methodologies in the framework of the flood loss assessment.

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    • Celine Novenario
      Celine Novenario says:

      Thank you for the honest feedback, Mr. Bonacci. If you are open to it, we propose discussing offline in more detail how we can improve this tool.

      We encourage other practitioners who would like to contribute to making this tool better to please reach out to us in the comments section.

      Best regards,
      APFM Technical Support Unit

  1. Bapon Fakhruddin
    Bapon Fakhruddin says:

    Thanks to WMO for sharing tools, techniques for flood risk assessment. Risk based approach is highly effective and efficient for flood risk assessment. The case studies and framework used in Italian case demonstrated a systematic approach on flood loss assessment. As you will agree many developed and developing countries are struggling to have standard disaster loss and damage data collection system. At the same time accelerating trend in disaster losses poses a critical challenge, undermining the capacity of many countries to make the capital investments and social expenditures necessary for their sustainable development. The estimates for direct losses are considered to be perhaps 50% under-reported due to the pervasive nature of smaller scale, localised and recurring disasters. This kind of approach would help countries to ensure disaster loss data collection necessity for flood or other hazard risk assessment.
    A recent policy brief on disaster loss could be found here https://www.icsu.org/publications/disaster-risk-reduction-policy-briefs-2017

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