New contribution to IFM HelpDesk: Floodlabel

Since May 2017, the International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change with the IHP-HWRP Secretariat has been cooperating with HochwasserKompetenzCentrum (HKC), a German non-profit association advocating and exercising flood prevention, to promote and to maximize the impact of HKC network internationally. The HKC established a unique network of people who are affected by flooding, policymakers, and the broadest range of stakeholders affected by floods. The HKC has more than 120 members in Germany and abroad. HKC developed the pioneering product Hochwasser Pass in Germany, and it has already proven to be a best practice product.

To bridge the gap between science and practice, HKC developed the holistic flood prevention and the sustainable development tool Floodlabel. Through Floodlabel, the project has been launched internationally in countries such as Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and lately Israel and Chile. The German National Committee for IHP-HWRP has contributed this tool to the IFM Helpdesk.

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