IFM Workshop in Mexico

A workshop on Integrated Flood Management was held from April 30th to May 3rd 2013 in Mexico City. The event was organized by the Mexican Water Commission (CONAGUA) and WMO with support from the Engineering Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (II-UNAM). The aim of the workshop was to support the implementation of the national programme against flooding “Programa Nacional de Prevención contra Emergencias Hidráulicas” (PRONACCH) and, more specifically, to identify and condense concepts and criteria needed for the integration of a guide, which will be used create regional flood management programmes across Mexico.

Additionally, during the same period of time, several meetings were held with staff from CONAGUA’s office for surface waters and river engineering (GASIR, in Spanish). These meetings complemented the technical assistance given to CONAGUA by APFM. The workshop had 39 participants from CONAGUA, II-UNAM, the Institute of Water Technology (IMTA, in Spanish), and the National Disaster Prevention Centre (CENAPRED, in Spanish).

If you would like to browse the workshop´s material please visit the website of WMO´s Project office in Mexico (in Spanish).

You can also check some photos of the workshop below.

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