Teachers and Kids

Basement-GuideBasement Guides – Flood Safety Guide

This a comprehensive flooding safety guide to help you navigate every stage of a flood as well as other important flood safety tips. Find helpful information including what to do before, during, and after floods, what to pack in a home emergency kit, and what to do if your car is caught in rushing flood waters. Visit the website here.

WETkidsDiscover FLOODS – Kids in Discover Series

Saturated with important-to-know facts and engaging hands-on activities, it’s a force of nature that’s ideal for making a splash in the classroom. For ages 8-12. Joint development of WMO and “Project WET: Water Education for Teachers”. Download here.

WETEdDiscover FLOODS – Educators Guide

The educators guide helps educators teach students about both the risks and benefits of flooding. Acknowledging the different roles that floods play in both natural and urban communities, the book helps young people gain a global understanding of this common – and sometimes dangerous – natural phenomena. Students will apply a number of problem-solving techniques as how to protect yourself and your family should you live in a flood-prone area. Joint development of WMO and “Project WET: Water Education for Teachers”. Download here.

fema-kidsREADY FLOODS – Kids in Discover Series

This platform provides information about disaster for kids and to protect against them. Several flood-related concepts are explained. Developed by U.S. FEMA. Visit website here.