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Training Workshop on Hydro-climatic Project Writing and Financing in Cameroon

By: Lako Stephane (Member of WYN’s DRR Team) Following the first workshop on hydroclimatic risks concepts and regulation at national and international levels in November 2017 (see blog post here), a second workshop on hydroclimatic project writing and financing was organised from May 30th to June 1st 2018 at Global Water Partnership Central Africa Head office with the […]

APFM Tool No. 25 on “Public Perception of Flood Risk and Social Impact Assessment”

Why do not people always act as expected before, during and after flooding? Because their behaviour is highly influenced by their perception of risk, which may not coincide with the actual risk, as defined and calculated by scientists and decision-makers. To ensure the effectiveness of flood management measures, it is therefore essential, first, to understand […]

APFM Tool No. 24 “Technical Assistance for the Preparation of an Advocacy Strategy”

Decision-making is extremely complex. It has to take into account innumerable issues, needs and constraints from a variety of stakeholders. In this demanding process, it may happen that certain voices go unheeded, generating ineffective, patchy or detrimental policies. The development of an advocacy strategy by civil society would ensure an adequate consideration of its concerns […]

New! Tool No. 23 on Health and Sanitation Aspects of Flood Management

Injury and loss of life, as well as trauma, increased incidence of communicable disease, loss of livelihood and disruption of basic services (water supply and sanitation systems) further exacerbating population vulnerability. To effectively address these and other negative impacts of floods on human health, the APFM Tool No. 23 on “Health and Sanitation Aspects of […]

APFM Tool No.22 on “The Role of the Media in Flood Management” is out!

Media have great potential to establish the link between the general public and decision-makers in the flood management process. APFM Tool No. 22 explains how to take advantage of media’s privileged but delicate position between the two parties and ability to influence risk perception to enhance flood communication. Their possible roles in all phases of the […]

APFM launches Tool No. 21 on “Effectiveness of Flood Management Measures”!

How do you know that your organization is doing an effective job in flood management? The new issue of the APFM Flood Management Tool Series on the “Effectiveness of Flood Management Measures” helps to answer this question. By presenting the various components of a comprehensive evaluation and audit program, the document provides all stakeholders in […]

APFM attends EAWAG & Swiss Water Partnership event on SDG 6

“The Sustainable Development Goals – what can Swiss partners contribute?”. This was the title of the event organised by the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science & Technology (EAWAG) and the Swiss Water Partnership on 1 December 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland. Aiming to discuss the implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goal 6 dedicated […]