APFM Newsletter No. 37

APFM Newsletter No. 36

APFM Newsletter No. 34

No. 34, October 2014

Aren’t you curious about…

  • APFM Advisory and Management Committees Meetings
  • Second PEARL Project Committee Meeting
  • World Water Week 2014, ICFM6, “Ask an Expert” initiative
  • New member of the TSU

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APFM Newsletter No. 33

No. 33, May-June 2014

What’s new in the APFM? Not only further activities and publications, but the newsletter itself! Discover our latest achievements in the restyled Flood Management News No. 33.

Here are some tips about the content:

  • Training workshop on Flood Loss Assessment in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • CIFDP Steering Group
  • Launch of PEARL’s website and Social Networks; PEARL – RISC-KIT Coordination Meeting
  • Second editions of three Tools: Conducting Flood Loss Assessments; Risk Sharing in Flood Management; Applying Environmental Assessment for Flood Management
  • New partners: CERFE; Global Flood Partnership; GeospatialWorld and AID Forum
  • Appointment of Dr. Paul Pilon

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APFM Newsletter No. 32

No. 32, January 2014

  • Workshops and capacity building in Mexico, Vietnam and Malaysia
  • Pilot Project in Thailand
  • Launch of PEARL EU-FP7 project
  • New publications in the Tools Series
  • Outreach & networking

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APFM Newsletter No. 31

No. 31, September 2013

  • Advisory Committee and Management Committee (AC/MC) Meetings 2013
  • Pilot Projects – an update on community-based flood management
  • New Publications in the Tool Series
  • Collaboration with GWP network
  • Outreach & networking
  • Staff Movement
  • Acknowledgement and gratitude to the Government of Japan

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