Technical Support Unit

The Technical Support Unit (TSU) represents the secretariat of the APFM and is housed within the Climate and Water Department of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. It undertakes overall responsibility for the management and coordination of the programme and its associated activities. The TSU is composed of WMO and GWP staff, as well as APFM consultants.

Dr Hwirin Kim
Dr Hwirin KimHead of Hydrology and Water Resources division and overseeing the activities of APFM
Giacomo Teruggi
Giacomo Teruggi Scientific Officer and Head of APFM Technical Support Unit, WMO
Ramesh Tripathi
Ramesh TripathiProject Officer and Member of APFM Technical Support Unit, WMO
Caroline Wittwer
Caroline WittwerConsultant

WMO Hydrological Coordination Staff

WMO Hydrological Coordination Staff put their expertise at the disposal of the APFM.

Johannes Cullmann
Johannes CullmannCoordinator, Water and Cryosphere, WMO
Tommaso Abrate
Tommaso AbrateScientific officer, Infrastructure department, WMO
Claudio Caponi
Claudio CaponiSenior Scientific Officer, WMO
Nirina Ravalitera
Nirina RavaliteraScientific Officer, WMO

Support Base Partners

The network of Support Base Partners provides important in-kind contributions to the activities of the APFM. For a full list of Partners and their expertise click here.