New! Tool No. 23 on Health and Sanitation Aspects of Flood Management

Tool23pic_web_mInjury and loss of life, as well as trauma, increased incidence of communicable disease, loss of livelihood and disruption of basic services (water supply and sanitation systems) further exacerbating population vulnerability. To effectively address these and other negative impacts of floods on human health, the APFM Tool No. 23 on “Health and Sanitation Aspects of Flood Management” suggests a series of measures to be implemented during the preparedness, response and recovery phases of the flood management process. If integrated into a participatory approach allowing equal consideration of the needs and conditions of different groups of population, these actions would not only strengthen community resilience. They would also improve the determinants of the health sector and protect environmental health services and infrastructure, therefore contributing to sustainable development.

More information about the Tool are available here.
Download PDF.

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